About Your Food Genie

Your Food Genie(DBA) is a creation of ARAMZ Technology, a company founded by experienced andenergetic technology professionals. In Fall 2014 the idea of Genie was inspiredby the concept of 3 wishes comes true to fulfill your desire with the blink ofan eye (like a fairy tale story). As an experienced IT field guru’s our goalwas to connect people with the local food industry in their cities to ease yourbusy life. As we understand the power of technology, we are proud to empowerlocal businesses and generate new ways for people to earn, work and live. Weempower everyone to select uninterruptible possibilities of food selection,place the order and have your order deliver right at your doorsteps. With ourcomprehensive platform you can do all at one place instead of going to multipleresources to rate the food, book a table and grab coupons or discounts to makeit easy for you.

ForOur Customers

We not only striveto give you the best service from local restaurants, but also ensure that everyfoodie’s desire comes true by our Genie’s and gives you more time and energyfor yourself and your love ones. With your favorite restaurants at yourfingertips we offer: A simple ordering process as easy as 1-2-3, A veryuser-friendly service 100% FREE to use, Available on website and your mobiledevices.

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Ourstate-of-the-art innovative merchant system was built to enhance your successby transforming your business by opening your venue not just for localneighborhood but beyond its territories to grow your revenue.

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With your financialstability and flexibility in mind delivering we offer an easy work that canhelp you work on your own schedule. We always looking for energetic andhospitable youngster to join our force.

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