Your Food Genie (DBA) is a creation of ARAMZ Technology, a companyfounded by experienced and energetic technology professionals. In Fall 2014 theidea of Genie was inspired by the concept of 3 wishes comes true to fulfillyour desire with the blink of an eye (like a fairy tale story). As anexperienced IT field guru’s our goal was to connect people with the local foodindustry in their cities to ease your busy life. As we understand the power oftechnology, we are proud to empower local businesses and generate new ways forpeople to earn, work and live. We empower everyone to select uninterruptiblepossibilities of food selection, place the order and have your order deliverright at your doorsteps. With our comprehensive platform you can do all at oneplace instead of going to multiple resources to rate the food, book a table andgrab coupons or discounts to make it easy for you.

For Our Customers

We not only strive to give you the best service from localrestaurants, but also ensure that every foodie’s desire comes true by ourGenie’s and gives you more time and energy for yourself and your loveones. With your favorite restaurants at your fingertips we offer: A simpleordering process as easy as 1-2-3, A very user-friendly service 100% FREE touse, Available on website and your mobile devices.

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Our Merchants

Our state-of-the-art innovative merchant system was built toenhance your success by transforming your business by opening your venue notjust for local neighborhood but beyond its territories to grow your revenue.

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Delivery Genie’s

With your financial stability and flexibility in mind deliveringwe offer an easy work that can help you work on your own schedule. We alwayslooking for energetic and hospitable youngster to join our force.

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