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Points on every order!

Get reward on every order, accumulate points and use them on your next order. More orders you place more point you get in you stash. Let's create your account and start adding your order points now.

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Your Phone Is My Lamp

Your phone is our Genie's lamp, give him your magic touch to order now! Order whatever you craving for, Genie will get it for you. Our Genie offer both options to deliver food at your doorstep or you can pickup while going back home from work.

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Pick-Up or Delivery

We have wide range of restaurants that can offer both Pickup and delivery options. As we getting ease in Covid-19 SOP's it's good to take advantage. It's easy to order from our app or order through your PC's while you in the office. Search food from you best restaurant and enjoy eating while you relaxing at home


Genie Delivery Force

We are happy to be one of our delivery Genie. You can work and select your own schedule, it cant be hurt to make extra money.

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Genie App

Easy to use, download Genie app to get best experience. Ordering is easy as 1..2..3 with live order tracking.


Genie Partnership

Join and become part of Genie lamp to grow your business, reach out to new customers and increase revenue.

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